Open to Receive

By In’Easa mabu Ishtar

In the past three decades many channels have emerged on this planet to offer their service to bring enlightened wisdom from evolved beings that have chosen to support and serve the evolution of humanity and assist the Divine Plan on the Earth. Every channel has their unique way of bringing this energy through their being and there are no strict rules.

Yet, I have been told by my teachers, the Ascended Masters of Light, that all channels have one thing in common – a desire within their being to open their hearts to receive Divine Truth from God and manifest this into form. The Masters say the more you open your heart to receive from the heart of God, the more you are able to give in service.

It is this desire to receive that allows us to surrender to the high vibration frequency of the advanced consciousness from more evolved beings than ourselves and, ultimately, from God Source.

The more we choose to surrender and open our hearts to receive the light of God Source within us the more our pillar of light opens to allow Divine Truth to flood through us on many levels.

Nine years ago my connection to the Ascended Masters opened. They reminded me that I had always been an embodied channel for them and asked me to take on this mantle once more at this important time on the Earth.

My first teacher was Serapis Bey and he asked me to sit at the same time every day and open to receive. Some days I would sit and receive nothing and other days I would think that what I had received was just coming from my mind. It was often very frustrating. It was a training discipline to teach me to let go and surrender. I did this for nearly 18 months and it taught me faith, discipline, trust, deep surrender and an understanding of how the channel pillar works.

The Masters also asked me to channel every Friday night for a group and so my journey as an embodied channel began. I channeled for this group for six and half years, until the Masters asked me to stop.

These channeled teachings became part of a program that I offer as well as an international course called Open to Channel, which was brought through from the Masters in 2007, specifically for anyone who wishes to open to receive.

Anyone can channel information, knowledge, healing and creative energy if they are willing to surrender and open their hearts to receive. People have been channeling throughout history giving us our books, music, and paintings. This creative energy inspires, motivates and even calms hearts and minds, and often directs and transforms the collective consciousness. Some people channel healing energy and the more you open your heart to receive in full surrender the more powerful the healing will become.

As we move into 2012 and beyond, there are many people channeling guidance and wisdom teaching or activational energy to assist humanity. Much of this energy comes from enlightened beings such as archangels and Ascended Masters, Galactic or Celestial beings and other evolved beings of light.

This channeled energy is manifested on the Earth in a physical form in many ways depending on the channel vehicle. Sometimes it is in the form of painting or colored codes, sacred geometry or mandalas, sometimes as sound, dance and movement, and sometimes it is in the form of books, written material or the spoken word.

Whatever form the channel chooses to manifest the high frequency energy they receive in the physical form it always requires the channel to surrender and open their heart (consciousness) to receive from higher consciousness without the filters of their minds and shadow selves interfering. The more the channel surrenders and opens their heart to receive and trusts Divine Will over Free Will the more potent the energy that is offered.

The Masters tell me that channeling is like the breath of creation. Firstly, you breathe in deeply to receive the divine light of Source that activates all creation and when you breathe out you share all that you have received to create and manifest the Divine Truth in the physical form. The energy of Creation Source is always flowing, receiving and giving in co-creation with all. Blessings.

In’Easa mabu Ishtar is an embodied channel for the Ascended Masters and an international teacher from Australia. She is offering a 2-day workshop on Oct. 1 & 2, 2011.