When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

Meet Our Board

Our Officers

Glory Mirabello

Director, has been a member of the Metaphysical Center for 41 years and a teacher in the Adult Education Program for 30 years. She  teaches Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot, and Tibetan Studies in addition to the 13 level course of study in Metaphysics and Parapsychology. The way of the Goddess is Glory’s passion and she finds peace and beauty in the spiritual rituals that bring her close to both nature and Spirit.

Peggy Neligan

Director of Education, has been with the Metaphysical Center for 22 years as a student, teacher and officer on the governing board.  In addition to teaching the 13 level course of study, she also teaches two courses in Spiritual Psychology. Peggy is a life-long student of the esoteric teachings and enjoys golf, piano and gardening in addition to her volunteer work with the Metaphysical Center.

June Taylor

Has held the position of Secretary on the board for two years. She has been involved with the Metaphysical Center for five years starting as a student in the 13 level course of study. June is a Life Coach and her studies with the Metaphysical Center have added a new depth to her Life Coaching skills and the Life Coach Accreditation teachings.

Anne Mould

Has been Treasurer on the governing board of the Metaphysical Center since May 2015 and has been involved as a metaphysical student for the past five years. In addition to working as a tax preparer, she volunteers as a group shepherd for the Inner Peace Movement. Anne enjoys hiking, golf and sunsets at the beach.

Our Committee Chairs

Wendy Flynn

Is the Chairperson of Event Production and is responsible for the smooth running of programs and events.  She has been a member since 2005 and has served on the board for three years.  Wendy is a passionate Reiki master and loves to spend as much time as possible at the beach where she rejuvenates her energy through her connection with the water.

Jennifer Hamil

Is the Chairperson for Special Services and has been with the Metaphysical Center for six years.  She started as a student taking the 13 level course of study in Metaphysics & Parapsychology and has been a board member for about a year. Jennifer’s favorite areas of study include Feng Shui, Tarot, Space Clearing and Meditation and she plans to travel in hopes of visiting many of the esoteric hot-spots.

John Nelson

Is the Chairperson for Operations Support and coordinates with other chairs for all Metaphysical Center events to ensure they run efficiently.  He has been a member for over 30 years, since 1984, and has completed the 13 level course of study twice in addition to many other Metaphysical Center courses. John enjoys reading and chess.

Karl Schinke

Is both Parliamentarian and Chair of the Newsletter which he and his wife, Barbara, have produced for about 22 years.  He has been with the Metaphysical Center for over 25 years as a member, student and serving on the governing board.  A retired aerospace engineer, Karl enjoys studying Metaphysics, volunteering with the Metaphysical Center, playing the violin and target shooting.

Helen Van Slyke

Has been Membership Chairperson since 2000 and served on various committees prior to that.  She has been a member of the Metaphysical Center for more than 20 years and has co-chaired the Fall Festival annual fundraiser for much of that time.  Helen enjoys traveling, reading and her newly acquired pastime – golf!

Harriet Wagniere

Is Director Emeritus having served in that position for 12 years; she is now Chairperson of Fundraising. Harriet has been with the Metaphysical Center since the late 1970s as a student, board member and teacher of both the 13 level course of study as well as courses in Tarot, Meditation, and Dreams. She enjoys travel, teaching, reading, nature walks, and spiritual counseling.