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Our Purpose

Our Mission is to educate, enlighten, and encourage spiritual consciousness.

Our Purpose is to help people accomplish this by learning to apply metaphysical principles to everyday life.  Our classes and events present people with many points of view so that they can choose what seems right for them.


Our classes are in Metaphysics & Parapsychology, Spiritual Psychology, Tarot, Energy Therapy & Developing Psychic Abilities.


Fall schedule runs September through December.  Spring schedule runs February through May.



Our programs offer a variety of events such as monthly lectures, workshops, field trips, ceremonies, book discussion and meditation groups.


Join our metaphysical community of like-minded seekers who enjoy member benefits, event discounts, and new friendships.

Sound Journey with Gong Bath
David Karlberg

Release the stress of holiday preparations with an evening of soothing sound immersion. Dave Karlberg will take us on a journey into the realm of relaxation and timelessness as we listen deeply to the vibrations of the gongs as they wash over us.


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Vibrational Healing
Joyce Berg

Every organ, bone, tissue, and cell has its own sound or frequency which, when aligned, produces health. Every injury or dis-ease also has a mental or emotional component that affects the vibrations of each part of the body.


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Metaphysics & Parapsychology
Levels 1 – 13

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Meditation Circles
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